Why become a member?

Members are the foundational blocks upon which Wayfairer is built.

Members are community associations that manage Wayfairer in their local region, and represent that region as owners of the platform. They are committed to building community, fostering localisation, and promoting sustainable and smart regional development initiatives. 

Collectively, Wayfairer members leverage Australia’s spectacular tourism assets to foster community wealth.


Social, environmental & economic impacts

Create sustainable jobs

Creating local employment directly and through supported projects.

Grow community wealth

Investing in community prioritised environmental and social projects.

Build meaningful connection

Aligning community, visitors, and hosts in regenerative outcomes. 

How to become a member

Wayfairer is a cooperatively owned tourism platform. Our members are local associations whose objectives are to support and grow their local tourism industry. But more than that, our members are comprised of those organisations that seek to build their communities and economy through a regenerative tourism model.

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about becoming a member.

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